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Storing too much jewellery and valuables in the house at times becomes a security issue and an impediment in case of the calamities. Bank offers you safe, trustworthy space to store your valuables.

Locker can be operated on any bank working day from 10:00 am till 04:00 pm.

There is a nominal annual rent. The rent is payable in advance for the Financial Year. A copy of the locker agreement regarding operation of the locker can be provided to the locker hirer at the time of allotment of the locker

Sr.No.LocatorOpening and closing times
1B.O. Sangrur (Main)10:00AM to 04:00PM
2B.O. Barnala10:00AM to 04:00PM
3B.O. Dhuri (Main)10:00AM to 04:00PM
4B.O. Bhawanigarh10:00AM to 04:00PM
5B.O. Tapa10:00AM to 04:00PM

★ Benefits ↵

Wide availability of lockers at various locations
Option to avail lockers at the branch of your choice
Nomination facility available
The minimum period for renting out a locker is one year
Lockers can be hired by individuals, limited companies, associations, clubs and trusts

★ Eligibility ↵

An individual–alone or jointly with someone, HUFs, firms and trusts can open a safe deposit locker. The applicant may have to open a bank account and FD account for 20000 rupees to cover the locker rent in the branch before being allowed to apply for a locker. A minor cannot apply for a locker.

★ Documents Required ↵

Form and agreement

All applicants must sign the application form. A locker letting agreement is entered between the hirer(s) and the bank. In case of joint applicants, all should be present at the branch for signing of the agreement.


The applicants should provide KYC documents, along with photographs.

★ How to Open an Account ↵

Please visit your nearest Bank branch to which provide lockers along with required documents and fulfil all the required documentation and enjoy hassle free service.

★ Surrendering a Locker ↵

Lockers are to be surrendered only basis a written request from the Customer (in person) duly signed by all Locker holders. Any exceptions will be handled on a case-to-case basis.
Contents of the letter should clearly state that the locker has been vacated & all the belongings have been removed.
If the locker is surrendered in the middle of the financial year, rent collected for the remaining months will NOT be refunded to the customer.